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What's so different about Apollo Medical marijuana dispensary?

Apollo Medical Center (AMC) is committed to providing the most affordable, high-quality medicinal cannabis solutions available in Vancouver. AMC welcomes eligible patients who need a safe, friendly and informative place to acquire natural plant-based solutions and access innovative holistic services.

AMC is proud to serve its members and is currently undergoing a rigorous accreditation program to gain industry leading certification with the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD).


The Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Vancouver

We're so excited to be the best Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Vancouver right in the heart of Kitsilano. Come visit us and see why we're one of the only City of Vancouver approved Cannabis Dispensaries. 

Our dedicated member services team empowers patients with knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of strains and cannabis products, while also providing resources to evidence-based research covering a variety of therapeutic applications.

Welcome to Apollo Medical Center

We've got over 50 popular strains of medical cannabis, always available.

Whether it's a gram of true bubba, or an ounce of critical mass, we've got you covered coast to coast at Apollo. The best bud, at the best prices. Choose your own buds! Just pick your flower and weight. Have a say on each bud that goes in your order. Apollo is fully stocked on tons of delicious organic bud and some new fire AAAA+ Organic Strains.


Get a free medical dispensary card at Apollo Medical in Vancouver

No prescription? No problem. You can easily become a member with a free appointment from Apollo Medical Center. Becoming a member is quick, easy, and free. Sign up using the form below and our team from Apollo will contact you to become a member.

Call (604) 559 9555 for a free appointment.

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19+ only. No prescription required. Sign up online and become a member in store.

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