Recipe: Free-Range & Organic!

After you have ensured all your veggies are chopped, fill a large pot with salted water.  Bring it to a boil.  Throw in the chopped yams and simmer until they are well-cooked and mash-able.  Mash them up, adding sour cream, maple syrup, butter and spices ingredients and set aside.  Leave the cinnamon until you are all ready to put it into the oven. 

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Do you want more meaning, joy and purpose from your daily life?

Often we are so busy with our daily lives that we forget to notice if we are living according to our values.  We may feel discomfort, mild melancholy, or daily stress and we just think it’s a normal part of life.  Definitely, daily life can be challenging, but when we live according to our values, there can be more feelings of satisfaction, purpose and joy throughout our day.

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But I can't just calm down!

All of us have heard from well intentioned friends, family members and colleagues “its ok, just calm down”, “its’ not the end of the world” and “just relax”. Of course, these words are offered to help us in a moment where things are often feeling out of control for us and everything that is happening is just too much to process. 

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