Apollo puts family first...


Michelle's story

My interest in cannabis was foremost for my family members who often share with me stories of aches, pains and discomfort they experience daily. My mother had been complaining of a sore back for many months, explaining she had trouble getting out of bed in the morning. My sister had been suffering from nerve pain in her wrist, which had bothered her so much, that for the past year, her physician had her taking prescription narcotics Percocet and Oxycotin.

During our meeting, we reviewed my needs in detail and came up with a plan. The team at Apollo was very considerate to the idea that my family members did not want to “smoke weed” or “get high”. The team at Apollo carefully explained to me the difference between THC and CBD, and discussed the method of micro-dosing.

To start off with, I decided to hold off on introducing THC but to try CBD oil. I choose to get the CBD in capsules instead of tincture, to ensure an easy, consistent delivery. I was excited to conduct a mini-experiment with my mother and sister both starting the CBD capsules at the same time, having them check in with me every three days to report on any changes.

Results in only a week

After only a week, my mother reported to me that she no longer experienced back pain getting out of bed in the morning! Despite this improvement, my mom still thought this may be a coincidence and said she felt the CBD was unnecessary for her, as it was an added expense she didn’t want to incur. She stopped taking it after about three weeks when the supply I’d given her ran out. Within a few days, she noted that the back pain returned! Needless to say, she asked me to get her more CBD capsules and has now been diligently taking them every day for three months!

At my advice, my sister was very determined to get off the prescription narcotics. After three weeks of taking 15 mg CBD oil, twice daily, my sister stopped taking her Percocet. With the guidance of the team at Apollo, we decided to add a low dose THC treatment, starting with 3 mg daily, then 10 mg, working up to 20 mg. Currently my sister is taking 15 mg CBD and 20 mg THC daily, and has not resumed taking any prescription narcotics. My sister says the pain is still present, but that it’s significantly reduced.

Now that she is a “believer” of the benefits of cannabis, she is willing to try other delivery methods, including vaping and is working her way up to a higher dose of THC. I’m anxious to see if my sister’s pain will be eliminated completely!!

I am so grateful to the team at Apollo Medical Centre for helping me make Cannabis available to my family members. People deserve the right to be proactive for their own health and it’s frustrating that the government has moved so slowly on allowing it to be accessible to everyone.

Removing the stigma

There is definitely a stigma associated to cannabis, and even my own family members took a lot of convincing. I’m relieved that they listened to me and trusted in me enough to ignore the fears that society has bred about cannibals. After the success story of my mom and sister, I have since shared information with my aesthetician and her mother, who also decided to try cannabis treatments. They too have reported improvements in their back and neck pain! 

It seems undeniable that cannibals is a healthier, safe alternative to prescription pain medication! I look forward to a day when all Canadians have the choice to improve their lives with cannabis!


Michelle F
January, 2017