The Green Lion's Review - Blue Dream Live Resin

The Product:

Blue Dream is one of the most sold strains in North America (according to it is the best selling strain in Colorado and Washington for 2015). A hybrid strain that was bred by crossing original Blueberry with a pure sativa Haze variety; this strain is very prized by many patients for its balanced and powerful effects. Any patients looking for a high-THC strain for helping with pain, anxiety and depression without putting the patient to sleep. That being said, when you’re in need of a heavy painkiller or sleep aid, larger doses can deliver strong narcotic effects and put you straight to bed as well.

The Flavors: Sweet, Resinous, Berries, Skunk

The Experience:

Dabbed: The flavor on this strain was absolutely tantalizing! On the inhale it tastes sweet and skunky with a strong resinous aroma and when exhaled It tastes like fresh blueberries and coats your mouth with terpenes that you can taste long after the dab is gone. I was very impressed with how versatile and potent this concentrate was; taking a small dab was very effective for morning and daytime use for treating my pain and fully quelling my anxiety, even small doses still last hours after being inhaled. I feel the need to iterate how strong this concentrate is; especially when taking a large (0.1g or more) dab, I found that all the tension was completely gone from my shoulders and neck and I started to melt into the couch I was sitting on. I found the game that I was playing became way more immersive but I couldn’t seem to stay on task anymore, I also thought I would be able to stay awake as well but after an hour or so I found myself completely asleep while still upright.

The Result:

Positive! In the end this is a fantastic concentrate for nighttime use and painkilling properties, just be careful with dosing if you’re using it during the daytime.

FYI: The main difference between live resin and shatter/wax/budder is this; Live resin is made from fresh plants immediately after harvest whereas the latter is made with cured buds or shake.