Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid: What Are The Different Cannabis Types?



Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid: What Are The Different Cannabis Types?

Cannabis is continuing to become legalized in more and more places every day.

This is good news for anyone needing the help of medical marijuana to deal with medical issues and symptoms. Now with easier access, more people can find the help they need.

If you're new to medical marijuana, it can feel a little overwhelming to read about the cannabis types that are available to you. The first place to start is to learn about general attributes and uses for each.

Listed below is more information about all three types.



When you think of the "classic" marijuana, the type you might see on a movie screen, then most likely it's a Sativa strain. A Sativa plant has thin leaves that spread out around the stem of the plant. It can grow to become a really large plant, especially when grown outside.

Sativa contains a much higher concentration of THC than CBD.


Sativa is a stimulant, giving you an energetic feeling when you use it. It's a type of high that you feel more in your mind and your thoughts. It can help you focus and doesn't muddy your thoughts.

If you're having trouble getting your thoughts in order and need help staying on task with something, then Sativa is where you will want to turn to.

Most users feel more alert when using Sativa, and it can even aid in giving you extra creativity.

It helps lift your mood, making you feel nearly blissful at times. Of the three cannabis types, 100% Sativa gives what it called a cerebral high.


Most users like to use this type throughout the day. Because of its stimulant qualities, using it during the night can make it difficult to fall asleep. Instead, it can help you to focus on your work or can make you feel more in tuned to things going on around you.

Sativa is good for people who suffer from depression, as that blissful feeling can be a great help in combating the symptoms. You won't feel the depression quite so deeply when using Sativa.

If you suffer from chronic pain or migraines, then Sativa is the way to go as it lessens the severity of these conditions.

Sativa can help those who have trouble focusing and need help being more productive with their work. You should try Sativa if you have a difficult time staying awake throughout the day, as it can help give you extra energy.

It also reduces the feeling of nausea, which is good for anyone who has to take medicine that makes them feel sick to their stomach.



Indica isn't quite as instantly recognizable when compared to Sativa plants. It is much smaller of the cannabis types and only grows to around half the size of a Sativa plant. The leaves are thicker and more flat as well, looking somewhat like a pine tree in their shape, and grow densely around the stem.

Indica contains a higher concentration of CBD than THC.


Where Sativa effects the mind, Indica is more concentrated in the body. When using a 100% Indica strain, you'll feel as the CBD makes it way through your body and relaxes your muscles. It can relax you so much that you begin to feel sleepy and lethargic.

As you use Indica, things that might have left you feeling paranoid or stressed will no longer affect you nearly as much. You'll be able to simply relax and perhaps sleep at a time when sleep was the last thing you could possibly think about.

Indica is more of a sedative and gives what is called a body high.


Because of its sedative properties, Indica is best used during the night hours.

In fact, depending on how much you take, it could be dangerous to use Indica during the day. Especially if you are driving or work heavy machinery. Keep this in mind when consuming any Indica cannabis types.

On the other hand, it is great for anyone who suffers from insomnia. Users often find that Indica strains can help them get to sleep with no troubles at all.

It is also good for dealing with chronic pain, especially if that pain keeps you from getting a good night's sleep. With Indica, those pains will feel far away, allowing you to ignore them when trying to sleep.

Muscle spasms are much reduced with Indica, leaving its user with more control over their bodily functions than without. It also works well as an appetite stimulant.

For anyone dealing with extreme anxiety or high levels of stress in their lives, Indica can help you to deal with those symptoms.


Hybrid cannabis is simply cannabis that has been cultivated to have properties from Indica and Sativa strains. It can be split 50/50 between the two, or it can lean more towards one than the other. For example, a strain can be 70% Indica and 30% Sativa and will give you mixed results of both, though the Indica will be much more pronounced.

When it comes to most cannabis types grown today, a vast number of them are actually hybrids. The question comes down to which way a particular strain leans.

Do you want the benefits of more Sativa or more Indica? Maybe you would prefer a balanced mixture of both.

The great thing about a hybrid strain is that they allow you to feel the benefits of both Indica and Sativa, instead of needing to settle for just one or the other. Hybrids can help you get the perfect mix of Indica and Sativa to suit any medical needs.

There Are Different Cannabis Types to Treat Many Symptoms

Now that you have a better understanding of the main differences between the cannabis types, you'll be able to find something that works perfectly for your symptoms. There are hundreds of different types out there, so if one doesn't work, there's always something else you can try to get the effects you want.

Make sure to talk to your doctor or medical cannabis provider about finding the perfect match.

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