Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Yoga and Meditation

You may think that pairing yoga and marijuana is a rising trend but the opposite is true. Marijuana has roots in India along with the ancient practice of yoga. Yogis would use cannabis to heighten their experience.

Are you interested in incorporating marijuana strains into your yoga and meditation routine?

Despite the controversy surrounding combining the two, the decision to use marijuana in your yoga and meditation practice is a personal one.

What strains should you consider? What do you need to be cautious of? And why the controversy?

If you're ready to use marijuana to give you a more enlightening time during yoga, read on.

History of Getting High

Marijuana has its roots in India, where it was a vital part of their culture and highly celebrated Then, in the 1960s, as part of the war on drugs, the U.S. influenced India and other countries to sign a treaty banning cannabis and labeling it as dangerous.

Cannabis is slowly surfacing, gaining legalizations in parts of the U.S., as more research shows the benefits of its medicinal properties. These include helping treat anxiety, chronic pain, and even seizures in children. It's still a gray area for the government but that may resolve as more promising research emerges.

Controversy and Cautions

For some yogis, the use of marijuana connects them better with their body. If someone is suffering from anxious thoughts, or tenseness, marijuana helps calm the mind and the body, bringing forth a more pleasant experience and tune you deeper into your surroundings.

Some yogis, however, show opposition to marijuana during meditation. The main point they make is that yoga is designed to detoxify or purify the body, not fill it with toxins.

Yoga is a personal practice, so whichever path you choose - marijuana or not - you will need to be aware of some precautions:

  • Always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program, yoga included

  • Experiment with marijuana first to find the right balance to stay alert

  • Drink lots of water during your session to keep you hydrated

  • Watch for side effects, such as paranoia and anxiety

  • Remember that everyone reacts differently to different strains

  • Have a plan for using marijuana

  • Be familiar with yoga, meditation, and marijuana before allowing it in your routine

What Are Sativa or Indica Strains?

Indica and Sativa are the two common strains of marijuana plants. They both have different effects on the body because of their high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) count. This is the psychosomatic compound responsible for the feeling of euphoria.

Indica is used for deep relaxation while Sativa is used to energize. Each of these grows in a different part of the world. Indica is native to central Asia, while Sativa is found along in more southern environments like Mexico and Jamacia.

Choosing between a sativa or indica strain is simple. Decide what you wish to achieve through your practice and find a strain that works within your choice.

Which Marijuana Strains Should I Use For Yoga And Meditation?

If you're tossing the controversy to the side, and wish to try marijuana with meditation, read on to discover the 10 strains that may complement your practice well.

Granddaddy Purple

This berry-scented powerful indican strain promotes complete relaxation. Its effects are quick to transport you to a euphoric state of mind where all your troubles disappear. Though granddaddy purple has amazing calming properties, yogi's note that they're still able to function well.

Northern Lights

Northern lights ability to provide you with a sedentary state is impressive. This indica strain is known for producing a heavy high that leaves you dreamy and allows your body to enter relaxation. Northern lights is so strong some use it to combat insomnia.

Blue Dream

This hybrid is blueberry-flavored and is a favorite among many yogis, for its dreamlike quality. Blue Dream's gentle nudge into euphoria helps you achieve a cerebral high while the sativa helps by maintaining your alertness.

Girl Scout Cookies

No, these are not for quenching your munchies. Girl Scout Cookies (G.S.K.) is a dynamic strain that's incredibly powerful. Touting a high THC count its effects are intense, leading you to release all tension and carry you into a deep introspection, all while

G.K.S. can be so potent, that some have trouble staying focused on their yoga poses.

Jack the Ripper

Don't freak out. Jack the Ripper is a citrusy strain that is invigorating and stimulating. It brings forth a sharp state of mind along with a mild high. It's great if you need a burst of energy.

Laughing Buddha

Optimism, introspection, and lightheartedness are expected when trying the Laughing Buddha. This is a good strain for those suffering from anxiety or nervousness, as it gives way to giddiness. It's also best for a marijuana newbie.


This classic strain aids in total relaxation. Lavender is an authority on relaxation, making it a wonderful choice for those looking to calm the mind. However, too much of lavender can cause drowsiness, so it may be best to use it before bedtime.

Lamb's Bread

The earthy aroma of Jamacain Lamb's Bread can transport you into a happy, uplifting, positive high. A favorite of Bob Marley, this sativa also keeps you focused.

Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is 100% indica and produces high trance of relaxation that's almost spellbinding. The ability to focus is heightened significantly, however, it's so powerful that some cannot focus but just remain in a mentally happy state.


Contrary to its name AK-47 gives you a peaceful and mellow mindset. This sour yet sweet smelling Sativa-hybrid strain delivers a balance of relaxation and alertness, and some even report bursts of creativity. For newcomers, however, AK-47 may not be the best choice, especially if they're prone to anxiety.

Meditate With Mary Jane

Certain types of marijuana strains can be beneficial for your yoga practice and meditation. If you've never tried it before, be sure to experiment first and see which strain works best for you.

These 10 strains are a good place to start, as they are most used by yogis during their meditation.

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