Mental Health and Cannabis: Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Raising awareness for mental health

Apollo is committed to investing our resources in raising the profile of mental health because we're mindful the the massive social stigma many of our members endure every single day at home, in the workplace and out in public. We know and believe that cannabis heals because we see and hear the positive results this plant-based medicine generates everyday! Members with many different types of mental health conditions and illnesses find relief, and improved quality of life through the use of medical cannabis solutions. With the right information, guidance and support we help our members find effective and sustainable treatment solutions for a growing number of applicable conditions and illnesses. Here are three common mental health conditions where cannabis has proven a safe and cost-effective treatment option:


Moderate anxiety is sometimes a side-effect for cannabis consumers, some patients also experience mood-elevating effects, as well as a relaxing experience, allowing anxiety sufferers to enjoy a better quality of life. Medical cannabis can also cause a desirable “slowing” down of a person’s thought processes, which can help break up some of the upsetting cyclical thought patterns that plague anxiety sufferers. It is important to be mindful of cannabinoids profile and dosage. Microdosing and high CBD strains are recommended.


Patients using cannabis once or more weekly have long reported fewer episodes of depression than the rest of the populace. Medical cannabis can be smoked or ingested to elevate the mood and relieve those who specifically suffer from depression. As in anxiety sufferers, the lasting effects of medical cannabis help to break characteristic unproductive or negative thought cycles which so often spiral out of control for the sufferer. Cannabis is not a miracle cure for depression or anxiety by any means — it’s not healthy to mask the root problem instead of treating it — however, it can help patients improve their quality life by making them happier and feeling more at ease with where and who they are. We encourage our patients to seek out professional help for their issues in concert with their cannabis treatment so they can really work towards identifying the roots of their mental health symptoms.

Bipolar Disorder

“We know and believe that cannabis heals because we see and hear the positive results this plant-based medicine generates everyday”

Medical cannabis can significantly calm the volatile mood swings exhibited by those with Bipolar Disorder. Cannabis works as a mood stabilizer for sufferers. Lithium, which has traditionally been diagnosed for bipolar sufferers, takes several weeks to begin working and also causes damage to the heart, kidneys, and thyroid gland. Often sufferers do not like to take their lithium, as it reins their emotions in to an unpleasant, deadening degree, an unpleasant effect not experienced by those who use cannabis instead. Patients that consume cannabis report feeling a pleasant effect long after the “high” itself has dissipated — this is the mood stabilizing effect achieved through activating the endocannabinoid system.

Given the recent results from around the world regarding cannabis’ affect on mental health issues, it’s an option that should be on the radar of all those who are suffering from mental disorders, particularly the three mentioned above. Medical cannabis provides a safe, natural alternative to dangerous, habit-forming prescription drugs. Many medicines prescribed by doctors actually damage the body and mind with long term use. Moreover, most people suffering from one health condition or another take more than one medication, and all too often these medications interfere with each other, further exacerbating health problems, especially when the patient’s doctors and caregivers are not in good contact with one another. Of course, when considering any sort of medication, be it cannabis or otherwise, you should be sure to consult with a doctor first!

Cannabis deserves a fair opportunity given its wide array of medical applications. When used in conjunction with a good mental health program, medical cannabis is a more affordable, and safer way to treat many mental health conditions.  We want to hear from you, so please consider sharing your story so with us so we can help inspire others to make positive choices about their health & wellness!