New Holistic Services Now Available at Apollo

wellness with apollo

Great news for Apollo Members! 

New holistic treatment services are now available!  

Beginning Monday, February 6th, we will be offering access to 5 qualified healing practitioners skilled in reiki, naturopathy, yoga and meditation. Stay tuned for updates on our website for practitioner schedules and availability. Here's a quick overview of our holistic services team. Members are welcome to begin booking sessions Monday morning with the following practitioners (fees and treatment details will be on the website this weekend!):

Rachel Sutton

Rachel Sutton, ND, B.Ed, B.SW

Rachel grew up in Vancouver and began her career as as BC teacher. She recognized nutritional deficit in her classroom, en masse and chose to return to school to study Herbology, Naturopathy, and Ashtanga-Iyengar Yoga. She has been working in wholistic health since 2000. 

Rachel enjoys being a Mama to Gracie, her daughter, rollerskating and writing when she is not working with healing mind, soul, body, spirit.

Availability: Mondays, 10 am to 2:30 pm and Fridays, 10 am to 2:30 pm.

Katrice Balmer - Guided Meditation & Healer

Katrice Balmer-Apollo Medical Center Vancouver

Katrice facilitates meditations, both group and private, assisting members in healing from the challenges that Life provides. She has been leading Meditation circles for over 25 years, and it proved a catalyst for her own Healing from physical the process opening her to the wonder of Holistic Healing. It is her passion which she shares from a deep place of peace and love.

Specialties: Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Counsellor, Spiritual Advisor, Vibrational Energy Healer (Chakra clearing, balancing and realignment), motivational coach, writer, home and work space clearings

Available: Weekdays and evenings by appointment

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Schiwa Salari, C.LC

Schiwa [shē-va] is a life coach who helps her clients uncover the deeper truths that are underneath the discomfort and challenges they are facing in their lives. She supports them in the process of personal growth and in taking steps to develop a more balanced life. Schiwa has gone through her own journey of personal transformation and recovery from a serious illness. She has a strong interest in health and wellness and an authentic desire to help others.

Schiwa studied at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine for two years when her path was re- directed to the area of emotional well-being. She has taken several counselling psychology courses through The Vancouver College of Counsellor Training. She is currently enrolled at Rhodes Wellness College and will be finishing her Life Coach Certificate Program in February 2017. For more information about Schiwa, please visit her website:

Available: Monday evenings 5-9pm

Francesca Molinari, RP-CRA

Francesca has been involved with Reiki since early 2006 when her mom first asked her to go with her to an introductory Reiki Course held at Langara college. 

Since she was 7 years of age she suffered from very strong migraines almost daily and an aggressive form of psoriasis that went away completely once she went vegan. Reiki helped her through all this tough changes and pain by relaxing her very stressed body and mind and hence letting her body take it from there to heal itself. No side effects with Reiki, only peace and relaxation.

After many years practicing Reiki on herself, her family and friends, and her pets, she decided it was time to pursue all other levels to then become a Reiki Master so she could teach. She finished all three levels and got her Reiki Master at the end of 2007 and has been a member of the Canadian Reiki Association since 2006 as a Registered Practitioner. Francesca is currently in the process of getting all her papers ready to apply to become a registered teacher, and will also work toward a certification in animal Reiki. She has a special connection to animals and loves them very much.

Ten years after going through many life challenges such as losing her father after a year of true suffering, losing her dear grandmother and seeing her mom going through several operations and all the suffering associated with it, she is now free to dedicate herself to her Reiki Practice, now that she has found a great place to contribute to the relaxation and healing of others while cooperating with other wonderful healers from all walks of life and of course the great medical center created by her skilled colleagues. While Francesca has been exposed to all sorts of healing modalities she feels her true interest and passion is in energy healing.

Availability: Most weekday evenings 7pm - 9 or 10pm, and by appointment.