7 Tips for Incorporating Cannabis Into Your Yoga Practice

Weed and Yoga: How to Use Cannabis with Yoga

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practice can be greatly enhanced through the proper incorporation of cannabis use. Incorporating weed with yoga is recreational. However, unlike pure recreational usage, weed and yoga complement each other productively. When weed is used in combination with yoga or meditation, it acts as a tool, instead of a toy.

Recreational marijuana advocates and users attest to the ability of cannabis to help the mind to become free of distractions. You experience an in-the-moment awareness, where the cloudy water glass of the mind is allowed to settle into clarity.

This property serves as a tool in medically treating anxiety and depression, and it is complementary to the principles of yoga, as well. Deep breathing is a fundamental practice of yoga, and requires calm and focus. Breath is directly responsive to your mental state of emotion. It is the physical manifestation of psychological factors. The right type of cannabis helps settle the turmoil so you can attain a focused breath.

Breath is, also, essential for your muscles to refrain from cramping during yoga. Cannabis aids in the relaxation of your muscles, allowing you to breathe into positions with a deepened stretch.

So, if you are interested in experimenting with how weed and yoga mix, more power to you. But, you can be thrown off track if you go at it willy-nilly. Here are some basics of the science, legality, and best types of cannabis for yoga.

Legality of Cannabis

The majority of the States in the U.S. have adopted some form of legalization measures regarding medical and recreational cannabis use. Out of the 29 medically legal states, 8 states have adopted legal recreational use into law. Find a yoga studio near you that is canna-friendly.

Science of Cannabis

The adoption of laws regarding the medicinal use of marijuana has come in the light of scientific discovery about the plants' effect on the human body. Cannabis is extremely effective at eliciting a physiological response in the body of a user, such as increased energy and endorphins, decreased muscle cramps, anxiety, and more, because of the chemical reaction taking place.

The two active components of cannabis are CBD and THC. THC is the compound that elicits a psychoactive response, or the feeling of being high. CBD is a cannabinoid that matches up to a neurotransmitter receptor in your body's endocannabinoid system. CBD is an inherent anti-inflammatory and communicates to the brain, organs, muscles, tissue, and cells how best to achieve homeostasis.

By enabling the body to reach homeostasis, scientists have found that CBD is extremely effective in the treatment and prevention of epilepsy, PTSD, as well, as cellular disease and androgenesis. The processes which allow cells to become diseased and cancer to spread are reversed and protected against by CBD.

Yoga and meditation have been shown to promote a balanced endocannabinoid system, which is essential for a healthy body and brain. Cannabis enhances the productivity of your endocannabinoid system to bring the body into a state of homeostasis.

7 Tips for Cannabis Use with Yoga Practice

The most important thing to remember is that cannabis should enhance and encourage your yoga practice - not distract from it. If your yoga practice is really just about getting high, you might as well not do it at all. That being said, you can incorporate weed and yoga before and during your yoga practice, as long as you are using it as a tool.

1. Know Your Tolerance Level

If you are a newcomer to weed and yoga, be careful with the potency of your cannabis. High levels of THC are great for walking in the woods or watching Netflix, but yoga is physically demanding. Figure out how much is too much for you, so that you can enjoy the effects of the weed without sacrificing your ability to practice yoga.

Keep in mind that edibles come on slower and stronger than smoking or vaping. And, the effect of edibles is longer lasting than that of smoke or vape.

2. Test it Out at Home

We recommend doing a test run in the comfort and safety of your own home. Roll out the yoga matt, take a rip off whatever bud you've got on hand, and do a basic sun salutation. If you feel comfortable practicing yoga while high at home, then you can feel confident doing weed and yoga at a studio.

3. Careful - Yoga Intensifies the High

The more deeply you take in oxygen, the more capillaries absorb the weeds THC and CBD. So, when you are doing yoga and using weed, you are going to get higher, faster. Be careful taking big rips of anything, since your capillaries will already be expanded due to the yoga. For this reason, it is a good idea to stay away from smoking during yoga. Instead, use a vape pen, topical, or edible cannabis recreant.

4. Use the Right Strains of Weed for Yoga

The most important factor in your enjoyment and productivity of doing weed and yoga is the strain of cannabis that you use. Cannabis is, either, a sativa, indica, or hybrid. Sativa is energetic. Indica is couch glue. Hybrids are a cross between two strains.

In general, a pure sativa might make your mind overstimulated for the tranquility of yoga. Likewise, a pure indica might reduce your physical drive. Each person is different in how they react to any strain, so you should do some testing. Use the three strains below as a solid starting place.

5. Lambs Bread (Sativa)

Lambs Bread is an earthy sativa that was made famous by Bob Marley's classic song. It is known to enhance users uplifted, happy, and energetic state, as well, as to enable your ability to be in-the-moment. It produces a cerebral high and heightened state of creative focus. Lambs Bread is a great choice for yoga if you are more of a hot-yoga practitioner.

6. Blue Dream (Hybrid)

Blue Dream is a classic Sativa-dominant hybrid, renown for its full-body relaxation qualities, as well as heightened euphoria. This cerebral strain is perfect for meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practice. It helps you into an active, yet calm and present state of mind.

7. Blue Knight (Hybrid)

You might not find Blue Knight at your local dispensary, but if you do - get it! This indica-dominant hybrid is rare and rich. Blue Knight is renown for its muscle relaxing qualities, as well as treating joint pains and spasms. If you have stiffness in the body that hinders your yoga practice, an indica-dominant hybrid, like Blue Knight, is a perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

Now, go have a fun, meditative, and invigorating yoga practice. Remember to always know your limits, and to use weed and yoga to compliment each other. Cannabis has many benefits to the body and mind, so keep learning about the ways in which cannabis is transforming the mental health industry.

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