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Curious if you might need cannabis treatment? Free doctor consults for new members. No appointment neccessary.

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Free doctor consults for new members who seek cannabis as a medicine.  No appointment necessary.

The NaturoSafe Consulting team consists of board certified, government regulated doctors and nurses providing consults for those wanting to use cannabis as a medicine. The members of the NaturoSafe Consulting team do not recommend cannabis as a medicine, they look to see if all other conventional treatments have failed. 

Upon coming to this conclusion, patients may then be referred to one of the team’s medical doctors for final evaluation where the doctor may make a recommendation for the prescription of medicinal cannabis.

Your medical information and medicinal cannabis options

Your first consult with a NaturoSafe team member will be with a qualified nurse who will collect information about your medical history from you. They will ask you key questions to confirm your health information has been collected accurately. Your medical history info is then passed on to our team of doctors who assess whether it qualifies for consideration of a medicinal cannabis prescription.

Consultations with NaturoSafe Consulting team members will require patients to discuss their medical history and all of the pharmaceuticals they are currently taking prescribed by their medical doctor or otherwise. 

Medical marijuana may not be right for everyone

It is necessary for all patients consulting with the NaturoSafe team to clearly state on their intake form all the illnesses they suffer from as well as all the pharmaceuticals they’re taking prior to consultation time. This documentation is then reviewed at the time of the consult.

Drop by Apollo Medical on Tuesday and Thursday between 6PM and 7PM for a free consultation. No appointment necessary.