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Medical Cannabis treatment options in Vancouver BC. Find out if cannabis is right for you, and how we can assist you in your journey. 

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Medicinal Cannabis treatment options at Apollo Medical Center

The healing effects of Cannabis can interact with the mind, body and emotions. This helps give relief to many psychological elements of illness giving those that suffer a boost in well-being. Depending on the strain, there are also effects that can relieve stress and pain. Therapeutic uses of cannabis are more and more prevalent and are widely effective and safe.


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What are my next steps for moving forward?

We offer free clinic access on certain days of the week, or by appointment. Drop by Apollo Medical on Tuesday and Thursday between 6PM and 7PM for a free consultation. Whatever route you choose, we want to help you make the best educated decision. That's why we provide the resources to help you make informed decisions. We'll see you soon! 

Apollo Medical offers a range of treatment options for medicinal Cannabis. Take a look at our most recent blog post about Mental Health and Cannabis.

Book your free doctors consultation today and find out what your options are. 


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