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Here are some easy to watch videos and documentaries that we find highly educational, entertaining and even opinion changing.

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Let's start with the basics:

In this week's episode of Leafly's Cannabis 101 we answer 5 basic cannabis questions we receive all the time. 

Cannabis is broken down into one of three categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid. Make sure you understand what each category's attributes and effects.

In this episode of Leafly's Cannabis 101 we break down the common quantities that cannabis is sold at and explain how density effects the amount of buds you receive for each purchase. Grams, eighths, quarters ounces: sure we've seen these terms listed on dispensary menus but how far does your dollar go?

In this edition of Leafly's Cannabis 101 series we look at the anatomy of a cannabis plant and break it down into 6 simple parts to help you identify and understand your cannabis better. 

Get an intensive crash course on the benefits of THC as well as how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant, and tested for using standardized methods by SC Labs.

Take a closer look at what Terpenes are and how they react within the cannabis plant.

Take a closer look at the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant.

Take a closer look at the little-known cannabinoid known as THCV and how it benefits patients, as well as its synthesis in the cannabis plant!

Canadian content about medicinal marijuana:

Harry Smith examines the issue of cannabis in the workplace, as Colorado employers work to reconcile a more-open cannabis culture with workplace rules that enforce zero tolerance. The most touching parts of the documentary revolve around medical cannabis, in which Smith talks with families who have moved to Colorado because that's the only way to get drugs they feel represent a last and/or best hope for their children.

Everyone knows that marijuana is illegal. So why does Canada seem to be awash in pot? You can buy it openly in a surprising number of ways and places. The system the federal government set up to give people access to medical marijuana is broken.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta's epic change of heart regarding medical cannabis is a momentous occasion for all of us who know the truth about cannabis. For him to publicly admit he was wrong and that we the people have been systematically lied to by the government regarding cannabis is a huge step towards awakening the masses.

Evidence based research:

The aftermath of 5-year old Jayden's trial using a high-CBD cannabis tincture to control the nearly constant seizures brought on by Dravet's syndrome. Discovery omitted this most important part of the case....the aftermath.

My name is Sarah Russo and I use medical marijuana for anxiety. I noticed that it helped with my headaches. So that was a good thing for me because I had had sever headaches in the past.

On this video filmed in 2006, Dr. Robert Melamede, Professor of Biology at the University of Colorado, explains how the body's Endo-Cannabinoid system (and plant based Cannabinoids as suppliment) kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth.

Further reading and articles:

Cannabinoids on hepatocellular carcinoma – July 2011

Must see documentaries, movies and videos on the subject:  

The Union – The business behind getting high

The Union is one of the most, if not the most widely orientated cannabis documentary in this list. Viewers follow filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he investigates Canada’s most socially acceptable illegal activity. During the almost two-hour documentary, Scorgie presents the underground market and shows how an industry can function while remaining illegal. Almost all parties involved in the business are interviewed, such as growers, criminologists, doctors, politicians, police officers, economists and pop culture icons. Highly recommended!

Directed by: Brett Harvey
Released in: 2007

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Filmmaker Brett Harvey examines the profitable marijuana trade between British Columbia and the United States.

Grass – The history of Marijuana

A good one to start off with for a historical perspective of the plant and its uses. This documentary by Ron Mann is both formal and informal as it provides entertaining as well as serious observations. It will definitely thrill viewers; ‘Grass’ perfectly illustrates how the plant has been disparaged using propaganda. The result of this is the stigma that the US is using for its War on Drugs, causing thousands of people to be imprisoned, and billions of dollars to be wasted on fighting the use of a plant.

Directed by: Ron Mann
Released in: 1999

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This documentary examines the U.S. government's marijuana regulations, and how these laws have influenced public perceptions of the drug. Narrated by noted pot advocate Woody Harrelson, the film opens with a series of comically outdated anti-drug reels before chronicling America's relationship with marijuana through the decades. Filmmaker Ron Mann splices together archival footage of U.S. politicians, musicians and artists to support his weed-friendly argument.

Magic Weed – History of Marijuana

Less entertainment than ‘Grass’, but ‘Magic Weed’ by Martin Baker is also spot on about the American history of cannabis and hemp prohibition. The focus of this video is more on the origins and history of the American relationship with cannabis and hemp shown by looking at its many uses in the world.

Directed by: Martin Baker
Released in: 1995

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As illustrated in this documentary from UFO Multimedia, one of the most controversial topics facing the United States is marijuana, but where did the provocative plant come from? The Magic Weed looks at the origins and history of cannabis, covering its many uses throughout the years and dispelling the rampant myths surrounding it. The Truth About Cannabis Sativa traces the story of the Cannabis plant, which has been known to mankind for thousands of years and how it serves us in so many ways.


NORML, which stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is an American non-profit organization based in Washington. Since 2012 there is also a NORML in the UK. NORML is battling for the legal and responsible use of cannabis by adults. This movie features interviews with patients who benefit from cannabis, alongside activists, caregivers and doctors. These interviews took place in different locations throughout America such as Washington and Washington DC, California, Oregon, Seattle’s Hempfest 2010, plus a couple of NORML conferences. A NORML Life gives viewers a good insight into all aspects of medicinal cannabis in the US, back in 2010. Everyone who is aware of the current situation knows that, since then, a lot has changed for the better.

Directed by: Rod Pitman
Released in: 2011

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"a NORML life" chronicles the state of medical marijuana in America through interviews with patients, caregivers, activists and doctors. The filmmakers visit locations such as California, Oregon, Washington and Washington DC where cannabis medicine is being regulated for patients. Many interviews were made at Seattle's Hempfest 2010 and at recent NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) conferences.

In Pot We Trust

This documentary examines five cases of chronically ill people who are using medicinal cannabis as part of their treatment, including some comments from Doctor Lester Grinspoon. Although most cannabis documentaries feature those who are in favour of the use of (medicinal) cannabis, this movie also highlights people who are against cannabis and its legalisation. In other words, ‘In Pot We Trust’ features the perspectives of the two opposing views.

Directed by: Star Price
Released in: 2007

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Documentary examining the cases of five chronically ill people who have been prescribed medical marijuana as part of their treatment.

When we grow, this is what we can do

In 50 minutes Seth Finegold looks into everything related to the topic of cannabis; from industrial hemp to the origins of prohibition, from medicinal use to growing equipment. This documentary is a sort of short version of ‘The Union’, with a focus on the United Kingdom instead of Canada and the United States. One of the experts interviewed is Professor David Nutt, head of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs and former drug adviser to the UK government.

Directed by: Seth Finegold
Released in: 2011

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When we grow is a documentary about cannabis in the UK. It looks at the history of the plant, the facts, its many uses and the laws and politics surrounding it.

Clearing the Smoke – The Science of Cannabis

This documentary reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body in order to treat symptoms and diseases like nausea, glaucoma, epilepsy, pain and even cancer. Quite a scientific film featuring many extensive interviews with medical professionals, patients, researchers and also sceptics, but a must-see for everyone who wants to know more about the promises and the limitations of medicinal cannabis.

Directed by: Anna Rau
Released in: 2011

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Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer. Extensive interviews with patients, doctors, researchers and skeptics detail the promises and the limitations of medicinal cannabis.

Could the chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal several deadly cancers? Could the tumor regulating properties of cannabinoids someday replace the debilitating drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation that harms as often as it heals? Discover the truth about this ancient medicine as world renowned scientists in the field of cannabinoid research explain and illustrate their truly mind-blowing discoveries.

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

While most documentaries in this list talk about a wide range of related topics, this one deals with just one: the relation between cannabinoids and cancer. World renowned scientists in the field of the cannabinoid chemical compounds found in cannabis explain and illustrate their absolutely mind-blowing discoveries. This is an eye-opening film revealing surprising facts about this ancient medicine and its astonishing tumour-regulating properties. A true must-see!

Directed by: Len Richmond
Released in: 2010

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Comedian and former Stoner of the Year, Doug Benson, brings you a hilarious documentary, Super High Me. While smoking marijuana for 30 days, he endures medical, IQ, and psychic evaluations providing unexpected results. Along the way Doug performs across the country and hangs with fellow notable comedians- creating an entertaining look at a controversial subject.

Super High Me

‘Super High Me’ is a parody on ‘Super Size Me’ from Morgan Spurlock featuring stand-up comedian and avid cannabis user Doug Benson. This funny documentary follows Doug’s experiment, starting with 30 days of not smoking at all, followed by smoking cannabis for 30 days straight. During his experiment he takes various tests to check the effects on his body and mind. Probably one of the most funny documentaries available on this topic!

Directed by: Michael Blieden
Released in: 2007

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