Local Holistic Services

Radiant Heart Therapeutics
Jason Brien, L.Ac; TCM
Phone: 778.898.9927

Intuitive Inspiration
Katrice Balmer, Energy Healer
Phone: 778.227.1369

Herbal Medicine

Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary
2672 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC
(604) 734-4372

Detox Organ Massage & Visceral Manipulation

Broadway Wellness
2501 Spruce Street, 2nd Floor, Vancouver, BC

Detox Spas, Relaxation, Stress Relief

Halsa (float and suana)
2028 W 4th Ave, Vancouver


Julie Daniluk

Eating wild/local/paleo


Jason Brien

Ishtar Beck

Carla Haber

Lindsey MacInnes

Sandra Buenano

Support for Anxiety

Anxiety BC

Youth Anxiety BC

Additional Holistic Services & Resources

MindShift App: android / apple

Psychological services for assessment and treatment for anxiety, depression and associated problems

Downloadable mp3 files for a variety of relaxation exercises

Drug Free Mental Wellness