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Our Visitor Policy for Medicinal Cannabis Customers

With necessary documentation and verification, visitors who are members of Canadian compassion clubs, MMAR license holders, USA state license holders, or other select CAMCD certified clubs may visit Apollo Medical Centre (AMC) up to five times a year.

Visitors are required to sign a document acknowledging some basic rights and responsibilities, including consenting to non-redistribution, and for those visiting from the USA, that the medicine they purchase from us is meant for their use while in Canada. After five visits, visitors must become full members of AMC if they would like to continue using our services.

Thank you for visiting!

Please Note: Not all dispensaries or compassion clubs have in-take protocols and paperwork that meets CAMCD standards. We do not accept visitors who are members of non-CAMCD certified clubs; they need to apply for membership at AMC with completion of our Practitioner’s Statement and submission of appropriate ID and Valid and verifiable medical documentation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on our Visitor Policy